UK Trademark Details

Filing Fee £370
Includes Official Fees Yes
Trademark Classes Included 1
Additional Class £50
Registration Process approx. 6 months


UK Trademark Application £370

Includes Official Fees and Attorney Fees, for one trademark in one class. Every additional class £50.

UK Trademark Application

Legal advice, consultation, full trademark examination & search and electronic filing with the IPO

  • Consult with our attorneys concerning your trademark application
  • We examine whether your trademark is registrable in light of section 3 (a)-(d) TMA
  • Trademark Clearance search. We search the Registers of the IPO (UK), the OHIM (EU) and WIPO (International Registrations) for identical & similar conflicting trademarks. All results are analyzed by an attorney and a search report is prepared.
  • Application filed by an Attorney, including Electronical filing of your application with the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO).
  • Supervision of the application progress
  • Correspondence with the IPO and response to non-substantial Office ActionsDoes not include refusal based on absolute grounds, or if your trademark is opposed by third parties;

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Money Back Guarantee

If our examination of your trademark reveals that it is not registrable, we will only charge for our services rendered and refund any payments made in excess.

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If our search reveals an identical trademark which conflicts with your trademark, we will NOT charge you.

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